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Future Stars Early Learning Centre - Central Coast


Future Stars Early Learning is a family run business, providing quality education programs and unprecedented care for young children.

Every corner and space in our Central Coast Centre has been thoughtfully designed to inspire, captivate and spark the curiosity and imagination of children whether they’re inside, or out.

Exceeding industry standards in early education and care for over 20 years.

We employ a team of exceptional educators, and have over twice the number of early childhood teachers required by a service of our size.

Using intentional teaching practices, our educators take an active role in each child’s learning, developing activities that draw on their specific interests.

Through our partnership with Macquarie University, we offer a structured PreLIT early literacy program as well as a world-first exponentials program which provides pathways for children to explore STEAM, through a project-based curriculum focused on exponential sciences 2-9and technologies.

We believe in the shaping force of childhood...

...and the importance of empowering children to become confident decision makers, with the knowledge and resources to be influential in their environment – and throughout their lives.

This belief underpins everything that we do at Future Stars.

Throughout our 20-year history, we’ve seen first hand the incredible impact that developing a confident, curious, self-aware and self- expressed child has on the teenager, and adult they eventually become. 

We offer so much more!

While we provide a long list of impressive inclusions at Future Stars... it’s why and how we deliver our care, and early education program that really makes us different. 

Come in and meet us, and experience first-hand the difference that the Future Stars early learning approach can have for your child, and your family. 


Future Stars Early Learning Centre on the Central Coast is conveniently located to provide quality early education and care for families living in Woongarrah, Hamlin Terrace, Kanwal, Charmhaven, Warnervale, Wallarah, Lake Haven and Gorokan.


childcare outdoors

Our play areas have been thoughtfully designed and sustainably built using recycled materials. We teach our children about sustainability and the environment.

Each of outdoor and indoor play areas, and have been designed to inspire, captivate and spark the curiosity and imagination of young people.



We offer industry-leading education programs for pre-school children. We base our teaching programs around child-led interests as we believe that children learn their best when they are engaged.  Our learning experiences broadly fall into the below five categories.

  • Language (PreLit)
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Creative Arts
  • Nutrition
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We understand that passionate, experienced and nurturing educators are fundamental to a child’s positive experience and development. 

We employee, retain and invest in the best Early Childhood Teachers and Educators on the Central Coast.




Through dance, music, yoga, soccer and other activities, we promote children's connectedness of mind, body and spirit. We focus attention on a children's physical, personal, social, and emotional wellbeing as well as cognitive aspects of learning.
We provide:

  • Weekly soccer skills lessons.

  • Weekly small group music lessons.

  • Daily dance and yoga sessions.

  • We incorporate meditation and relaxation into our midday rest routine.


Lake haven includions

We understand a lot of families are juggling busy lives, work, families and the happiness of their children. Small conveniences can make a big difference in a seamless morning routine.

For your convenience we offer the following:

  • On site chef, creating nutritionally balanced meals.
  • Nappies, formula, hat, sunscreen and sleep bag.
  • Music lessons
  • Soccer lessons
  • Parenting Education Workshops 
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"This Centre is not like any other Childcare I’ve encountered. I am a mother and a teacher who’s worked in the industry for 10 years. The owners are extremely passionate about empowering children and they train their staff excessively to make their philosophy come to life. I have enrolled my son for 5 days and I am so excited for him."

“I have been nothing but impressed by the level of professionalism, the quality of care, the detail and thought that goes into children’s learning and development and the support parents like myself get. I couldn’t be happier having Sana in such a wonderful environment with the most beautiful educators. I’m so excited to continue this journey and watch my daughter blossom with the support of Future Stars.” - Rajneet

"Its a home away from home. The educators are loving and caring and also the communication with parents regarding the child's development is good. The educational programs implemented are great, and the genuine passion the educators have in nurturing the little ones is what I love the most about this place. I would recommend the centre for other families." - Shamal

Future Stars Lake Haven | 80 Goobarabah Ave, Lake HavenPhone: +61 2 4392 0466